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AD and poultry – a perfect match (UK)


There is no industry better placed than poultry to make the most of government incentives for anaerobic digestion (AD) due to the availability of feedstocks, together with the heat and electricity demand. Poultry manure is one of the most gas productive manures available, yielding over 100cu m of biogas per tonne, compared with 20-50cu m/t for cattle slurries/manures.But its inclusion is limited by its high nitrogen concentration, which can kill off the bacteria within the AD plant. Typically, chicken manure will not exceed 30% of the mass balance of an AD plant, and additional feedstock will be needed either from additional waste streams or energy crops.This could be changing, however, and there are technologies being used in central Europe that effectively wash out a significant proportion of the nitrogen into a concentrated liquid fertiliser.

Source: Farmers Weekly

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