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Axiase™ 100 proven in practice


The first cereal WPS crop will soon be available. The enzyme product Axiase™ 100 allows you to intensively use a wide array of cereal whole plant silage (WPS), making it possible for you to improve the cost efficiency of your biogas plant.

Recent findings enable us to state that cereal WPS can be much more intensively used in biogas production than is currently the case. Enzyme product Axiase™ 100 makes this possible.

Since the market introduction of Axiase™ 100 in the autumn of 2012, numerous biogas plant operators have become convinced of the enzyme compound's effectiveness. Enormous progress in the cultivation of cereal WPS, particularly with regard to rye, has now made it possible to achieve high dry mass yields per hectare. Thanks to Axiase™ 100, significant quantities can also be implemented in biogas production. In the past, the slimy properties of WPS frequently limited this possibility.

Due to the substantial reduction in viscosity and the enhancement of fluidity, the enzyme compound enables greater substrate flexibility, while simultaneously increasing energy yields. For more on this topic, read our case studies:

Case report LBG Bioenergie Glasin GmbH

Case report Future Biogas

For further information on Axiase™ 100 and other biogas activities, please contact Christian Loechte: Christian.Loechte@dsm.com.

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