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Biogas: Sugar beet convinces (Germany)


Do I need a permit if I use sugar beet in my biogas plant? How do I store the beet best? Land & Frost asked professionals.
For several years research and practice focus on sugar beet as a biogas substrate. Also in Lower Saxony biogas is obtained from sugar beet, for example from Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Emsland Süd (RWG) in Lünne (Germany).  RWG operates a total of seven facilities (6 x 500 KW, 1 x 400 KW) there, which are proportionately fed with sugar beet puree. “We store the puree in so-called ligavators”, said Bernhard Temmen from RWG.  “These are stainless steel  tower silos with a capacity of about 1,100 m³".
The article discusses many other interesting sugar beet related topics.

Source: agrar heute

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