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Biogas boom declines (Germany)


The number of biogas plants has now increased from 75 to 1.480 compared to the previous year. The capacity of these plants currently achieve 743 MWel, the Landvolk-Pressedienst quotes a survey of the Biogas Association. In the previous two years there was a significant upward trend with more than 260 new plants and an increased capacity of 140 MWel each. There is a tenfold amount of biogas plants in the agricultural land of Lower Saxony and the capacity has risen twentyfold compared to 2001. A significant turndown in new plants is nationwide registered by the Biogas Association. 340 new biogas plants were brought into operation, 7.515 biogas plants supplied an electrical capacity of 743 MWel at the end of 2012.

Source: Proplanta

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