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Continued enzyme innovations


We continuously work on enzyme solutions that are tailored to the needs of the biogas industry. Recent case studies proof positive effects of enzyme use and later this year we expect to launch a new DSM enzyme product.

The current two enzyme solutions for biogas have a proven track record. MethaPlus® helps to improve the running of biogas process, whereas Axiase™ 100 helps to maximize the usage of a wide range of cereal based fiber substrates and consequently increases the cost-effectiveness of a biogas plant.

Various case studies have demonstrated positive effects of MethaPlus®, including a recent project in Belgium. The addition of MethaPlus® had a positive effect on the degradation of organic matter and the reduction of viscosity when feeding higher amounts of grass. Thus the project confirmed that MethaPlus® enables to increase the use of grass in fermentation.

A recent Axiase™ 100 case report shows a successful increase of GPS in substrate composition, an increase of the specific methane production and an increase of the specific energy production.

The primary contact for the DSM biogas enzyme business is Dr. Christian Löchte:

‘DSM has been a leading provider of enzymatic solutions, with more than 100 years’ of experience in fermentation. We use this huge technology knowledge as a basis for our continuous search for enzyme innovations for biogas application. This has resulted in another innovative enzyme solution, which we plan to introduce later this year.’

In the meantime, if you have any questions on current DSM enzyme solutions, please contact Dr. Löchte:



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