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Energy innovation: Biogas enjoying the last laugh


Biogas was not mentioned once in Al Gore’s 2007 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, and at the time the now failed solar firm Solyndra was negotiating a $535 federal guaranteed loan, not the US Department of Energy, EPA or USDA even offered information about biogas on their websites. On the rare occasion an article about biogas appeared in the media, it was filled with lots of toilet humor about flatulence or manure. These writers seemed to share a joke with their readers that biogas was not to be taken seriously.
Since that time, biogas has quietly worked its way into the mainstream awareness in the United States, the federal agencies that once ignored it now offer grants for biogas projects and several states offer incentives and rebates once reserved only for solar, yet what takes place inside a biogas plant remains deeply mysterious to most. It is this lack of understanding about the process and the physical properties of biogas has led to a lot of confusion among the media, public, investors, lawmakers and planners about how to best utilize biogas in modern urban planning.
In the article the author predicts that every household in America will use biogas by 2050.

Source: TheEnergyCollective.com

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