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First of eight Gas-to-Grid projects in France starts bio methane injection


The first of eight Gas-to-Grid (G2G) projects in France has started its injection of purified bio methane into the French gas grid. MT-Energie built the projects and has also opened the largest biogas upgrading plant with gas injection into the German grid. A group of farmers from the Champagne region, south of Paris, are behind the eight projects who decided to become energy entrepreneurs in 2013. The projects feature a triple-tank facility that is designed to treat 250 Nm3 of gas, which is equivalent to an electrical capacity of about 500kW. MT-Energie said the first plant overcame its mechanical and biological commissioning in less than one month. All of the eight projects are scheduled to inject more than 10.5 M Nm3 per year of bio-methane into the French grid by the end of 2016.

Source: Clean Tech Business Review

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