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Gas and condensate separation without loss (Germany)


The use of mechanically working ball float steam traps have been proven for the production of biogas. In this process  the use of electrically controlled systems is possible, but only to a limited extend because of the risk of explosion. An important factor in the selection of a condensate drain is its ability to separate the material gas and condensate without loss. Biogas is produced by fermentation of biomass of any kind. Source materials are biogenic materials such as sewage sludge, bio-waste, liquid manure, dung or seletively cultivated bioenergy cops, for example corn. It primarily consists of methane which determines the energy content, carbon dioxide and nitrogen as well as hydrogen sulfide. Prior to the use of the gas to generate electricity or heat, a biogas treatment is carried out by filtration and dehumidification. In the condensate separator, the condensed moisture can be passed through a cyclone separator without loss of gas .

Source: Industrie.de

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