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Harvest date critical for maximising value of biogas maize (UK)


Producers growing maize for the first time to take advantage of the biogas opportunity must be very careful over the next few weeks of harvest if they are to maximise the value of their crop, warn maize specialists Grainseed Ltd. With many crops being paid for on a dry matter basis, harvesting at the wrong time or when cobs are immature could have a major impact on profitability, says the company’s maize specialist Wilson Hendry. Methane production is driven by dry matter so many buyers are using a pricing model based on around a £1 for each percent of dry matter, he says. If the maize is harvested at 30% dry matter, the grower would get £30/tonne whereas if it were only 25% dry matter it would realise only £25/tonne.

Source: FarmingUK

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