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Municipal utilities are investing in the production of electricity from biogas (Germany)


The change in the energy policy regarding renewable energy has reduced the value of municipal utilities’ participation in power stations in Lünen and Hamm, and in the wind farm off Borkum, says general manager Uwe Träris. Despite this, the enterprise aims to invest 5.6 million euros this year. In the period up to December, 1.8 million euros will be spent on converting the combined heat and power plant on the Bommerfelder Ring to enable the production of ‘green’ electricity and ‘green’ heating from biogas. Ten million kilowatt hours of electricity and ten million kilowatt hours of heating will supply 4,000 households with energy and heat 700 households. This will save 7.5 million kilograms of carbon dioxide. An area the size of twelve football fields would be needed to achieve the same production levels with solar energy.

Source: Ruhr Nachrichten

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