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With biogas towards energy independence (Germany)


Alternative energies. In Vorarlberg energy will be produced from bio waste in future. Together we are stronger. According to this motto, the Environmental Association Vorarlberg, the environmental services provider Häusle and the energy company Illwerke vkw presented their project "Biogas from Voralberg for Vorarlbergs".  In this project gas will be produced from bio waste of local households from October 2013. "We found a solution to convert biogenic waste material into valuable energy and therefore return it to the people in form of biogas, explained Martin Bösch, leader of Häusle GmbH. For that reason the company with 300 employees currently invests 7,8 Million Euro to bring the biogas plant to the state of the art. According to the company the plant achieves a capacity which could convert the entire bio-waste of the state in energy.

Source: Wirtschafts Blatt

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